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Creative Courses

 At a Loss Art Journaling

Giving a voice to the emotions that get quieted through the grief & loss of miscarriage & infertility.

When you are at a loss, you can become at a loss for words or safe places to process, causing you to stuff down what you actually need to get out. At a Loss Art Journaling can be the path to begin healing and finding wholeness within yourself again.

Mindful creative expression can help us encounter our story through the intuitive languages of our senses, connecting our inner wisdom to reveal our truth.  Creative expression can foster balanced well-being between our heart, mind, body and soul, creating a congruence between our inner and outer being.  Expressing yourself creatively can help you find your voice and provide a safe way to let your authentic self be seen.  Being mindful about creativity and how it impacts us can help us by nurturing a love for creation and ourselves as a created being, and helps us find belonging in the creative connections that are much bigger than ourselves.

2022-03-25 18.25_edited.jpg

External creative expression is a way to find wholenessharmony within oneself, as well as within our world.

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