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The Pregnant Pause

noun. Pregnant Pause

a pause that carries the expectation it will be followed by something significant.

Back of Book Description

For 13 years Lori was stuck in the waiting room, still expecting to become expecting. And it wasn’t just her ability to be pregnant that was on pause, her whole life was stuck on pause.

So, what do you do when you are:

* Always waiting for answers?     
* Beginning to feel hopeless?       

* Stuck in the negativity?

One day, she just couldn’t wait anymore, her ability to get pregnant was on pause but that didn’t mean her whole life had to be!  Lori faced all the hard questions head on, determined not to let hope and joy evade her any longer.  As she began to own and embrace the reality of her story, she realized she was not only struggling with infertility loss but identity loss as well.  Lori's story began with the unraveling of a lifelong purpose, but soon became a story about what you find when you think all is lost!

In The Pregnant Pause, Lori details her journey through infertility, taking you on a tour of all the highs and lows.  Join Lori as she shares the ins and outs of re-discovering love, faith, and hope on this painful path.  Once you start Lori's story, you won't want to put it down until you know how she did it, how she found her way to positivity when all the results were negative.


Infertility is a secretive club that no one wants to belong to. There is a high cost of membership, financially yes, but also emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And somehow the belonging is not the kind of exclusive club you want to be part of because it excludes you from belonging to the mainstream, the 'normal' clubs everyone else seems to be in. Even though
1 in 6 couples are in the club at any given time, it can still be a lonely place.

This is where I found myself, in this incredibly isolated place, stuck in a pregnant pause. As I walked through the inevitable choices that need to be made, I found myself eliminating the most popular paths to a family most others in the club chose. Isolating myself further. I realized my story wasn't going to be any of the typical paths, my story was having no answers, no next steps, and it could have been about having no hope. But it wasn't! This is why The Pregnant Pause was written. I wanted to make the IN-fertility club more IN-clusive, so women on all different paths of the journey could find hope in my journey. Without answers, it resonates with all the women also still waiting. Waiting for answers. Waiting for their next steps. Waiting for their path to be revealed. Waiting on hope. Waiting for the joyful life they long for. I eventually found that joy. This is my story.

What readers of The Pregnant Pause say...

Lori uses "The Pregnant Pause" literally as her open book. On these pages she shares openly about the raw moments of her journey trying to conceive and walking the lonely road of infertility. Lori speaks truth to those stuck in the "pause" of a season and shares how to live with hope and joy even in the waiting.

Pamela D.

This book is very relatable to anyone struggling with heartache, unfulfilled dreams, negativity and, especially infertility. I wish I had this book to help me on the journey of infertility. It is great to hear from someone who has been there & knows firsthand the struggle, but also is still in the midst of it and chooses to find positivity.

Tami F.

I loved this book because it spoke to me about my own unfulfilled dreams. After I finished, I felt like she wrote a story for every person who felt like every plan they had for their lives failed, and how they can overcome it. Read the book. Share the book. Lori has a message for you and it has everything to do with hope.

KeriAnn Stone

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