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At a Loss

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Trying to conceive can have an impact on every part of your life; body, mind, heart & soul. I get it, I've been there.

At a Loss Coaching is for women whose journey to motherhood has been full of losses. Whatever stage you are in, it is common to feel grief and Coaching is about finding a way to live more fully today, rather than losing joy & hope as well.

Coaching isn't about fixing a problem, it is about discovering the ways we were created for a more fulfilling life. Infertility and pregnancy loss do not have to define you. A pregnant pause doesn't have to mean hope & joy are on pause as well, and Coaching can help you find them once again.

Do you recognize any of these challenges?

* You feel as though you've lost your sense of self, sense
of family, sense of fulfillment.

* You feel as though a large part of your life is on pause.

* You want to take better care of your wellness in all
areas of life.

* You feel alone or misunderstood in your pause or loss.

* You would like to move beyond coping and find more 
joy & meaning in life.

You have experienced losses & grief related to pregnancy & infertility, and feel you need help processing.

I can help you with that!

Don't let joy elude you any longer!

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Professional Bio

I am a certified Life Coach and a graduate of Applied Counselling, as well as trained in Art in Mindfulness and Healing Grief with Art & Writing. I have been coaching in various roles for over 18 years, both one-on-one and in group support environments. I have also led numerous creative workshops and I've used art journaling as a way to heal for over 15 years.

Since my pregnant pause began in 2006, I have been through many stages & losses, but through it all I knew I didn't want my journey defined by those losses. There was no one to walk me through my journey, so I became that person for other women. As someone who knows the paused path well, I can reflect hope & encouragement in the pursuit of your best life. Through the years I have collected tools, resources, strategies and insights that I am eager to share with you, to help others find the positive when all the results are negative.


One hour session prices start at $80 CAN

Coaching Package

Coaching on a monthly basis starts at $60/hr CAN

Online Coaching

Online Coaching starts at $60/hr CAN

Creative Courses

Creative Courses are available from $0 - $199 CAN

Now you know me, I'd love to know a bit about who you are & what joy dreams you have!

Thank you! Can't wait to chat!

Let's Talk

If you are curious but not quite ready for 1:1 Coaching, try a taste test by subscribing to the At a Loss monthly newsletter! It's where Lori shares the biggest & best news first, and a little of her heart along the way.

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Ready for your personalized Coaching experience?

I also work with clients through Creative Courses

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At a Loss Art Journaling eCourse

Hit reset on your emotions with 4 weeks of tapping into intuitive insights in this self-paced course!

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At a Loss Art Journaling Prompts

This year give yourself the gift of getting your voice back! Dare to express yourself and discover the inner healing waiting for you.

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