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I've always been a dreamer.

I have always dreamed of love, purpose & joy. 


But with infertility, my dreams took detours, faced disappointments, and I had to re-discover my story, after all it's the only one I get & I'm the only one who can live it.


Through the many losses I faced, it turned out I hadn't lost my dreams, in fact as I went through the fires of grief, my essential self became clarified. Love, purpose & joy actually became amplified. 

Now, one of my biggest joys is walking out my purpose by walking alongside women on this same journey.


My own personal pregnant pause began in 2006, so I know what it feels like to have your world turned upside down by pain.  By not being able to follow that same pattern everyone else seems to get to follow.  I know what it feels like to experience the various, unexpected losses when the pregnancy plan doesn't happen the way you hoped.

What started as a journey towards a bundle of joy ended up the most heartbreaking road I’d ever walked. The one purpose, I had been certain was my path, was crumbling.  All the test results were negative, as were the results within my life.  I was losing my joy, my sense of meaning, and worst of all, myself.

After years of this, I was tired of being stuck in the waiting room. Faced with early pregnancy loss, identity loss, and almost losing all my hope, I decided I was done with my whole life being stuck on pause.  I went on a journey to re-discover my dreams, a journey to becoming positive, even when all the results are negative.

This search for purpose took me on a path that led me here, helping people find holistic healing from the detours to our family dreams. Now I wouldn't change a second of my joy journey!


Our joy journey begins when we learn how to live in harmony with who we were created to be.

Every day holds potential for us to experience

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