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 Reading Resources

Infertility can be an incredibly isolated place, and as I walked through the inevitable choices that needed to be made, I searched for all the resources that could help me walk this completely foreign path. I searched libraries, the internet, blogs, social media, everywhere I could think. I didn't find a lot that was helpful to me because a lot of the typical answers people seemed to find where not meant for us.


So I decided to share my own story, and share as much insightful information as I could so that others wouldn't feel so alone if they too found themself in a pregnant pause.

On this page you will find several reading resources I have created to help you find the supports you need when you are at a loss. 

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The Pregnant Pause - Book

Somewhere around year eight of trying to conceive, I realized what I was going through was going to help others one day. Like a puzzle slowly bringing a clearer picture, piece by piece I knew I was meant to write about my story to give others hope during their own pregnant pause. In fact, when that phrase came to me, I knew that would be the title of my book​

Published in 2019, The Pregnant Pause launched me into the realm of becoming an infertility support and entrepreneur all at the same time, and I am so grateful for the chance to have my voice welcomed into hurting women's lives. 

The Pregnant Pause - Blog

A blog was the first place I poured out my angst about the journey I was on, before I even knew it was infertility.  Once the struggle became deeply personal and something I found wasn't safe to talk to about with everyone, I created a secret blog to pour out my heart's deepest hurts, and found a few other blogs to follow that helped me feel less alone.

In 2015 I finally got to a point where I no longer wanted to tip toe around what I was going through, I decided to publish my blog, and show up for myself, my story, & others who may need to find even just one other person going through what they were.  Much like a travel blog, I share the ins & outs of the journey infertility takes me on, and hope it helps those on the same paused path.

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At a Loss Newsletter

I began a monthly newsletter as a way to bring a connection to my various types of support and offer one, consistent place you can count on to find out all the latest things I am up to with art journaling, Coaching, writing, etc. I also wanted a place I could share more resources than one can fit in a typical social media post, links to other helpful supports or to tools that can be easily downloaded right from your inbox. I tend to also share snippets of what is going on in my own journey and heart along the way as well. It's like a letter between friends, because especially among those who understand what's it's like to be at a loss, the more friends the better.

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