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At a Loss Art Journaling in-Person Workshop


$39 CAN


2 hr Session



About the Course

When we are at a loss we can become at a loss for words or safe places to process, causing us to stuff down what we actually need to get out. At a Loss Art Journaling can be the path to begin healing and finding wholeness within ourselves again.

During this session of art journaling, I invite you into a two-hour journey where you can process the losses & grief you've experienced. Through At a Loss Art Journaling, we will explore our personal experiences & emotions through thoughtful & therapeutic prompts & art activities, processing and discovering what it looks like for us to heal through honest expression.

What is included in this course:

  • 2 hrs exploring 4 art journal activities, using various styles of creative expression (i.e. poetry, art therapy, positive journaling) through thought-provoking prompts to inspire you.

  • A deeper understanding of how you process your emotions and your authentic self.

  • Short teachings to guide you how to use art journaling as a tool for healing from loss by gaining new perspectives.

  • Art supplies such as paint, pens, pencils, colouring pencils, markers, and paper will be provided.

Your Instructor

Lori Alcorn

Lori Alcorn
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