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At a Loss Art Journaling Web Workshop


$199 CAN


4 Weeks



About the Course

Giving a voice to the emotions that get quieted through the grief & loss of miscarriage & infertility.

Emotions have a purpose, they are indicators that are an exterior glimpse of our interior well-being, and therefore need to be fully felt to understand how they guide our life. The thoughts, beliefs, values held within our emotions are accessed through imagination, and when we are open to their full expression, they can reveal healing connections our whole being needs.

Through this 4-week art journaling online course, I invite you into a space where you can process the losses & grief experienced on the road to motherhood. We will work on expressive art and writing prompts together over Zoom during a 90 min session each week, centering ourselves and being mindful to connect our hearts, minds, bodies and souls so that in wholeness we can find healing. Through weekly emails, I also warmly encourage you choose to continue your creative expression throughout the weeks between, with additional art journaling prompts provided.

What is included in this course:

  • 4 lessons (1 per week) to help you connect to thoughts and emotions stifled by grief and loss.

  • Each lesson focuses on a various styles of creative expression (i.e. poetry, art therapy, positive journaling), including teaching and thought-provoking prompts to inspire you.

  • Access to instructor live through Zoom sessions.

  • Breath & mindfulness centering at the beginning of each session.

  • A deeper understanding of how you process your emotions and your authentic self.

  • How to use art journaling as a tool for healing from loss by gaining new perspectives.

Your Instructor

Lori Alcorn

Lori Alcorn
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