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when all the results are negative

Finding Positivity

Healing through the hurt of infertility

I have been the one on pause, in pain, because the pattern of didn't result in the family I dreamed of. For 16 years infertility has been my path.

 You are not alone!

My greatest desire is to see women walking this same path find there is a way to re-discover their dreams, and I am devoted to supporting women on a journey back to


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How I can help you heal

Harmony in Wholeness

Value-centric Identity

Therapeutic Creative Expression

Spiritual Wisdom




You only have one story to live out & only you can live out your story.

Lori is a wonderful listener and has a way of making people feel like they are heard and cared for when they are with her. Her support was invaluable during a difficult time in my life.  Having her presence in my life while I was facing those challenges helped me to come out of them better and stronger.

~ M.M.

Lori seems to innately know when to give advice and when to just listen, and often sees things in the situation which I never would have. Sharing the deepest parts of my heart with her was one of the best decisions I have made and she had been a huge help to me in my life.

~ Y. Nelson

I know when I come to Lori, she will listen. She comes at it with personal knowledge and she is compassionate no matter the situation, but she will also be honest with me. I feel stronger and motivated when I leave and I want to come back for more because I know she lives out what she says.

~ Tami F.


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